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Born: April 16th, 1987

Nophar Chaya Gat is a passionate artist based in Zukim, Arava, Israel, known for her vibrant and expressive abstract paintings. With a background in philosophy and cognitive science, and a second degree in education, including a teacher certification for math in high schools, Nophar brings a unique perspective to her artistic endeavors.

Nophar's canvas comes alive with the fusion of acrylic and spray paints, creating a dynamic and colorful tapestry. Her signature style lies in the realm of colorful abstract art, a reflection of her desire to infuse beauty and vibrancy into the world.

Nophar Chaya Gat proudly owns an art studio in the heart of the artists' colony in Zukim, Israel. Her work has not only adorned gallery walls but has also become an integral part of the local artistic community.

Driven by the mission to make the world beautiful and colorful, Nophar finds inspiration in the vivid tapestry of life. Her art is a celebration of the diverse hues that exist in the world, capturing the essence of joy and creativity.




This story of Hanania began with a necklace, a gift from the Nophar's husband, featuring an ivory pendant shaped like a dove. Cherished deeply, this dove, named Hanania, became a symbol of peace and tranquility, resonating with the Hebrew name for dove, 'Yona', thus becoming Hanania HaYona. Over the years, the collection of Hananias grew, each item embodying the spirit of this original dove, representing serenity, peace, and love.


The choice to name the studio 'Hanania' was born from these accumulated symbols and memories. In the quiet, stark beauty of the desert, Hanania Art Studio emerges as an oasis, reflecting the purity and calm of its namesake. Here, in Zukim, Hanania is not just the name of the studio but a representation of the founder's journey, an oasis of creativity amidst the desert's vastness.

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